Mango Capsa Fun Online Mobile Card Game


Mango Capsa Fun Online Mobile Card Game –¬†You have to play is as follows, the card game that can be played by 2, 3, or 4 players. The cards used are standard playing cards (52 cards). Each player is dealt 13 cards. Each player is required to put them into 3 groups of cards: one group consisting of 3 cards (front Structure), and 2 groups each consisting of 5 cards (composition of the middle and rear). Once arranged, each player comparing each group of cards.

Characteristic of the hands of a special schedule, in order, are:

  • Dragon flush: A combination of 13 cards of the same type (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A): wins 26 units / 1 lost
  • Dragon Straight: 13 unique card: wins 26 units / 1 lost
  • Five pairs and one three of a kind: win 8 units / 1 lost. If two players have the same type, compare the highest card
  • Six pairs: a hand with six pairs and one odd card. If there are two players have six pair hand, compare the highest pair; so if the highest pair equivalent compared to the second highest pair: win 6 units / 1 lost

    Mango Capsa Fun Online Mobile Card Game
    Mango Capsa Fun Online Mobile Card Game
  • Three straights: back of the hands and the center has a five-card hand and arm straight forward had three straight cards (cards with a value of three in a row). If two players have three straight, compare the highest (behind) the first straight, then was equivalent compared with the straight middle, and finally, if still equal straight ahead. Win 6 units / 1 lost
  • Three flushes: T hand rear and center have flushes and flush front hand has three cards (three cards of one type). If there are two players have this card with bigger players in the back of the hand will win; if the position is still the same, which compare most of the cards in the front hand. Win 6 units / 1 lost.

There are some games that replace Extra payment for the various types of the winning hand; here is a matter of extra payment, regardless of whether the corresponding loses:

  • Three of a kind on the hand “behind”: 3 extra units
  • Full house at the hands of the “middle”: 2 extra units
  • Four of a kind at the hands of the “front”: 4 extra units
  • Four of a kind at the hands of the “middle”: 8 extra units
  • Straight or royal flush in hand “front” 5 extra units
  • Straight flush on the hand “middle”: 10 extra units

This is an online game where the latter application will provide a wide choice of level, after the entry into mango capsa stacking, you can join the existing room or create own table. If you want to play with your friends, you can give a password to the room that you created earlier. For its own currency, this game uses Gold and silver. The game is very exciting and addictive; do not just rely on the card but also in formulating strategy. This mobile card game takes the data packet is quite a lot and often DC if unstable, it wrote still disturbing.


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