Prime World Defenders : A Challenging Tower Defense Game


Prime World Defenders : A Challenging Tower Defense Game – If you are into online card games, then prime world defenders might be a game that you should have known and played for so many years. This online card game is in fact a tower-defense game with card evolution to fight against your enemy. In the last few years, online card game has been getting more and more popular. This is mainly because you will be able to play with strangers from other parts of the world to play with you.

As a gamer, that is a rare chance and a good challenge to take. It is because you will be able to get more references for your game strategy by fighting against stronger and smarter opponent. Prime world defenders is a game that you can try to do that. If you are interested in playing this game, you’d better read some information below. Hopefully, some information below ill help you to know more about this online card game.

A guide to playing Prime World Defenders

As what has been mentioned before, this online card game is in form of tower defense battle. You are assigned to protect the Runestones or the Prime repository. In order to defend yourself and your crew, you will be able to build a tower. In this game, you will join a team of treasure hunters to go on a adventure in a ancient capital to look for valuable relics and artifacts. However, the adventure will not be easy since you will have to face a lot of enemies.

Prime World Defenders : A Challenging Tower Defense Game
Prime World Defenders : A Challenging Tower Defense Game

The enemy that you are going to face int his game can be in many forms, but the main form of enemy that you are going to face is Touched or mutant creatures. Some of them can fly and this type of creature is the most dangerous one since they much quicker than the other one which cannot fly. As you are going through your adventure, you will have to keep yourself healthy by maintaining your health point. Once your enemy can destroy your tower and take your Prime or Runestone, your health point will be reduced. As the level of the game is getting higher, you will face quicker enemies that can destroy your tower and steal your Prime quicker. In this case, you have to be able to know more about the features of the game.

The Features Of The Game That You Should Know

There are some features of the game that you should know. First, there is a survival mode. This is the training session for amateur player who want to develop their early skill in playing the game. Second, you have to know that once you have completed one level of the game, you can re-play it for getting more coins or bonuses. The more you re-play the level, the more points or coins that you have. During the game, if you are lucky, then you will get some relics. This is also called duplicate card which can be used for card evolutions and card fusion. That is some feature of the prime world defenders tower defense game.


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