The Latest News about England Team and Euro 2016


The Latest News about England Team and Euro 2016

The Latest News about England Team and Euro 2016

The Latest News about England Team and Euro 2016 – The latest news about England team and Euro 2016 will be the hot discussion for today. As we know this country will follow the big championship of Europe, Euro 2016. This match will be held in June. So, what some preparations does this country have?

As other European countries do, England also maximizes their preparation. Not only preparing the players with the best stamina, they also have some surprises for their fans. So, do you want to know about them? If you want to know about them, you can keep reading here. This article is going to discuss the latest news of England team.

The Preparation Part One

For your information, the MP of England, Toby Perkins believes that this country will have its own anthem before the important events held. As we know the British anthem is God Save the Queen. It has been used for long years by England national team. This anthem is used in trusted sports football, rugby league, and union.

Then, during the preparation of Euro 2016, an MP’S bill suggests England national team use the new anthem. He believes that England can follow Wales and Scotland that uses separated anthem from British. This issue has been presented in a bill to England parliament as the subject.

This bill was sent on last Wednesday. It will be debated soon by some readings. MP also has the first opportunity to discuss this issue in detail. Perkins stated that he doesn’t mean to separate patriotism England from the British Kingdom. It is actually on of unpatriotic action at all. He only wants to show different anthem during sports events that will be held in next June.

MP’s Bill and England Team

Once more, Perkins added that what he did is not an attack on the Great Britain Kingdom and families. It doesn’t mean that he wants to attack the British Union. He only wanted to show his idea that if they play for Britain, let them say and sing in Britain anthem. But, if they play for England in Euro 2106, let them sing England national anthem. So, there will be certain characteristic they have.

He also wanted to let England people to have their own voice records. He will let people see what he did is for England people’s opportunity. It will be the issue of national conversation indeed. That’s why he really wants England has their voice.

Well, Perkins also wrote some alternative lyrics of England national anthem. Those words have been suggested on its bill as the current anthem for England team. But, Allan Murray as the footballer of England national team said that they don’t need to change the British anthem as well.

Murray added that he doesn’t agree to this change. In fact, the British anthem has been popular since 200 years ago. He wants his national team still sing British anthem and hit the fantastic song for them. Finally, those are all about the latest internet sportsbook news about England team and Euro 2016.

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