The Latest News about Euro 2016 Participants

The Latest News about Euro 2016 Participants

The Latest News about Euro 2016 Participants – The latest news about Euro 2016 participants can be the hot discussion for today. This big championship will be held in June. There will be some countries join this football party. One of those countries is Ukraine. So, what some preparation do they take?

As Euro 2106 is getting closer, some countries take preparations for that. This country is reported to have a play with Wales before Euro championship. So, do you want to know more about this latest news? If you want to know more about it, you can keep reading below. Here is the discussion for you.

Ukraine VS Wales

These two countries decided to prepare some matches in order to welcome Euro 2106 in next June. This match was announced by the Football Federation of Ukraine. This match will be held on Monday, 28 March 2016. It will take place in Kiev, Ukraine.

Besides that, Wales itself also has the friendly match with Northern Ireland in Cardiff. It will be held four days before Ukraine match in Kiev. But, Wales Federation doesn’t confirm yet about this match. Well, there is also the friendly match between Ukraine and Cyprus on 24 March.

You will also watch online sports streaming the Blue and Yellow against Wales on 24 March. This information was stated by UFF online sports website. Those matches will be held in Ukraine. So, we will watch the pre Euro 2016 in Ukraine as those countries preparation.

Groups to watch in Euro 2016

Other Groups

For your information, there will be also some groups you will see. For example, Slovakia, England, and Russia will be on same group. This group will welcome Euro 2016 in this summer as well. This tournament will reach their 58 years in this 2016.

The Latest News about Euro 2016 Participants
The Latest News about Euro 2016 Participants

For your information, the manager of Ukraine believes that their country will be on the opposition to Russia. Besides that, Northern Island has been taken as the March opponents in the British Battle. This country will fight England in Lens, exactly on June 16.

Meanwhile the manager of Northern Island, Michael O’ Neill said the Cardiff match was one of sensible options. It will also give the busy season time. He also stated that March will be the difficult time for his team. Most of their players have been on the battle of Premier League. That’s why they need huge efforts for that. Not only prepare the mentality, they will also prepare their ability and skills.

He also added that, he is going to make the limit travels for his team players. This condition will be one of their preparations in order to win the Wales game. They don’t need to travel and take the players back. Meanwhile for a group, Northern Island will be on the same group with Germany, Ukraine, and Poland in this Euro match.

They will follow Wales to welcome Slovenia at Belfast’s Windsor Park in 2016. So, those countries will be on the big and popular football battle in next June. We will witness this popular championship soon. Finally, those are all some reports of the latest news about Euro 2016 participants.


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