The Latest News about Leicester’s National Player

The Latest News about Leicester's National Player

The Latest News about Leicester’s National Player – The latest news about Leicester’s player will be the hot discussion for today. As we know the world will welcome Euro 2016 in next June. So, what will be prepared by some European countries with their national players?

One of the popular team in England is Leicester. This club actually has participated for England national team by taking a player of it. Jamie Vardy was mentioned to be the one of England national team. Some latest news reported that he will follow this big championship in Europe.

So, what is the news from Leicester club and its player? If you want to know about that, you can keep reading here. This article is going to discuss about them. Let’s check reading below and find your best information here!

Jamie Vardy and Euro 2016

For your information, Vardy has been mentioned to delegate England team in Euro 2016. He was also expected to have fully fit and stamina for playing in its big championship. But, do you know that this Leicester’s player got injury during his last match before January?

The manager of Leicester City revealed Vardy has not been trained for a month after getting injured. He actually got serious problem. He also needs the surgery in this January because of his groin injury. For your information, Vardy has battled with his ankle injury but he still played well in this season especially during the Premier League.

Besides getting ankle injury, he also broke his wrist in this season. During its serious injury he successfully joined the top scorer with 15 goals. Besides that, he also returned to play in the match between Tottenham and his club. He played in this match after 71 minutes passed. Meanwhile his club manager, Ranieri, expects him to get well soon. Even, he is also sure that he will play for England national team during Euro 2016.

The Latest News about Leicester's National Player
The Latest News about Leicester’s National Player

Leicester Club Manager’s Statement

There are other statements by his club manager. Ranieri said that he should be fit as well. When Vardy will arrive in its championship, he will get better slowly. In Leicester match, his manager also doesn’t take any matter if Vardy cannot make more goals. The most important is his injury gets well soon.

Actually, it was difficult for Ranieri to ask Vardy continuing the play. Because of last important match, Vardy still participate the match even with certain injury. Playing on the match is actually like the training session for him. He will keep playing with Leicester till his injury getting well. It is also duty for his club manager, Ranieri, to manage him as well.

Ranieri also stated that if he looks not fit this month, he will likely manage him during the training session. Of course, it will also depend on the match. Every important player of Leicester must play every time. Then, they will get rest for a week.

For your information, last year Vardy joined England team during faced Russia. So, let’s wait and see Vardy’s performance next June. Finally, those are all about the latest news about Leicester’s player.


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