The UEFA Euro 2016 Venues

The UEFA Euro 2016 Venues

The UEFA Euro 2016 Venues –¬†Euro 2016 will be conducted in France this June. It starts from June 10th to July 10th in this year. The UEFA Euro 2016 or the 2016 EUFA European Championship in this year is the 15th edition of this football match. Along the 15 times it was held, Spain is two-time defending champions. In 1996, most of football championship used 16-team format, while UEFA Euro tried to use 24-team format, which was not common at that time. This new format, at that time, would have six groups ¬†with four teams in each group. There will be knockout stage, three rounds, and final. In this year’s tournament in France, there will be 19 teams that will join.

Why France?

This country was chosen in 2010, through a bidding process conducted by UEFA. France in this stage, beats Turkey and Italy. In 2016, it is the third time for France to be the host of this match. Once, they hosted it in 1960 and in 1984. French team itself won the UEFA Euro Championship in 1984 and in 2000. The matches in this year will be held in ten cities, in ten stadiums. It is Lens, Bordeaux, Lyon, Lille, Marseille, Paris, Nice, Saint-Etienne, Saint-Denis, and also Toulouse.

France chosen as the host for EURO 2016

In 2010, the venues for the UEFA Euro 2016 were twelve stadiums. It was chosen in May 2010. Yet, at the end of May 2011, the choices were narrowed to be nine stadiums. Thus, the French Football Federation had to choose which stadium they have to opt for this. They choose the first seven stadiums, which are the France’s National Stadium and the Stade de France, stadiums in Marseille, Paris, Lyon, Nice, Lille, and Bordeaux are newly constructed. Stadiums in Toulouse and Saint-Etienne are actually only reverse stadiums. The other two stadiums in two other cities are the chose, since the team format is changed.

The UEFA Euro 2016 Venues
The UEFA Euro 2016 Venues

Paris Attacks

The attacks on Paris this November of course affects the schedule and plan of this tournament. The panic emerges, when one intended target is Stade de France, one of chosen stadiums for UEFA Euro 2016. The controversies to choose France as the place for the tournament is about the safety of the tourists and the players while the championship. Yet, the president of the French Football Federation tries to calm all sides, by explaining that the concern for the security is already increased after the attacks. All countries in Europe start to increase their safety after the Paris attacks.

The president claims that this the concern for this matter is a lot higher than before. That they will continue doing everything that they can, until the security is assured to face all risks. This becomes the permanent concern of the conductor of the championship, for France government, and for all countries in Europe.

The official information is already launched for this tournament. You can check the schedule, the team that will play, and also the round and stage’s regulations for these teams. They do not use the 16-team format, but the 24-team format for the UEFA Euro 2016.

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