Understanding the basic ways of playing Capsa Poker

Understanding the basic ways of playing Capsa Poker

Understanding the basic ways of playing Capsa Poker – At the beginning of the game, each player gets 13 cards. Players are eligible for the first time is the player who has the smallest card is 3. 3 cards must be issued at the beginning of the game, allowed the unit or a combination. The game continues clockwise. When one player card issuing unit, then the next player must be also fight with a higher unit. E.g. 3 countered with A. The units must be resisted units. Pair must be resisted pair. 3 of a Kind (Threes) must be resisted 3 of a Kind (Threes).

The best ways to win Capsa Poker

The combination of five cards and must be confronted with a combination of 5 cards. If the player does not have a card that can fight it, or do not want to remove the card could do a “Pass”. After the pass, the player should not be issued a new card trick again until the start (start again from the beginning). When one of the players managed to continue issuing the card until there are no more players who can fight, he was entitled to initiate a new trick. The new trick is not to be the same as the previous trick.  For example, before issuing unit, in a new trick can be issued a combination of 5 cards or a pair. The game is generally finished if one player has spent his cards.

Understanding the basic ways of playing Capsa Poker
Understanding the basic ways of playing Capsa Poker

The composition (sequence) card:

  • Unit
  • Pair (Pair) Cards issued a pair at a time. Terms issued pair is two cards must have the same numbers. Pair the lowest is the pair 3. 3 of a Kind (Three’s) Card issued three at once. The third condition is that the card must have the same numbers. Threes lowest is 3 threes, and threes highest is 2.
  • Straight (5 cards Series Threaded). To determine where the higher straight is usually chosen is the last card in the straight. For example 3-4-5-6-7 is lower than the 9-10-JQK. If the combination of the same sequence of numbers, to determine the winning straight to see fireworks on the last card, for example: 7-8-9-10-J with 7-8-9-10-J, the Straight wins is 7-8- 9-10-J as the last card Straight is a spade
  • Flush. Flush name is determined from the blossoms. For example, 3-4-8-J-A is higher than 5-9-10-Q-K. If there is a combination of the same flower will be compared on the last card number (the highest) in which the air-card-number 2 is the highest card.
  • Full house determined combination of 3 of a kind threes. For example Full house Queen is 8-8-Q-Q-Q. For example a combination of threes pair 2 & 5 will win against a pair of threes King and Ace.
  • 4 of a Kind (light socket). Is a combination of four cards are numbered the same as comes with 1 free card. In this combination that is important are four cards that have the same number, while the one next card only as a complement. If the combination of 4 of a Kind (light socket) against a combination of 4 of a Kind (light socket), then the comparison is the highest number that is contained in the 4 cards. Combination 4 of a Kind (light socket) This has the effect of “BOMB” that can be used to counter Unit 2 card, so that the player who issued the card 4 of a Kind (light socket) will automatically win the game, while players (which have a card 2 ) lost.
  • Straight Flush. But the blossoms are also the same. To determine which series development of higher check out the numbers. Only then see the blossoms. Royal Flush combination arrangement highest 5 cards with consecutive numbers starting from the number 10 and also the same flower, example 10 –JQKA


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